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Data Consulting

We harness the power of data
to unlock growth and value.

We create value through data and accelerate business transformation

Data is everywhere. Our mission is to spot data opportunities and fulfill our customers’ needs.

We deliver AI projects quickly and apply AI algorithms at speed, because we know that innovation cycles are measured in days and weeks, not months and years. Our approach provides extraordinary acceleration to our clients’ projects, meaning that AI solutions can be scaled and rolled out faster.

We have data-driven solutions for every company’s needs, from fully -customised AI projects to pre-packaged data solutions

Our offers cover the entire scope of business needs, from data strategy and governance to operational implementation of AI use cases across departments. 


We define and implement the data strategy of organisations with our proven consulting methodology.


This includes: ideation of AI cases; use of operating models (like AI Factory), data governance programmes; and data infrastructure set-up.


We ideate, develop and scale AI cases to accelerate data transformation and optimise business processes.


Our proven operating model is based on 4 unique pillars: a dedicated governance; multi-disciplinary Feature Teams working with client teams; advanced technologies; and systematic agile methodologies.


We optimise operational efficiency by leveraging data at every step of the value chain and automating processes:

from advanced demand forecasts for improved sell-in/sell-out to resources planning, and from enhanced client relationship in contact centers and retail branches to IoT solutions.


We define cutting-edge IT strategies on data ecosystems, and boost engineering capabilities.


This includes helping our clients migrate to the Cloud (public, private, hybrid) to achieve tangible benefits by reducing costs of ownership and development, and manage the scalability of their platforms and applications.

We give brands what they need to succeed:
end-to-end expertise, pre-packaged solutions and business continuity


We help our clients address complex digital projects rom end-to-end, from idea creation to project management and operation.

We know that innovation doesn’t happen by chance, which is why we build feature teams of different skillsets. In our teams, AI Innovation, Data Science and Digital Expertise work side by side.


After working with more than 1,000 clients over 8 years, we are able to deliver pre-packaged data solutions quickly.

We invest 30% of our tech resources into pre-packaging AI solutions that adapt to our clients’ specific needs.

This accelerates our clients’ projects. We ensure full scalability of their AI projects.


To ensure long term impact, we work with and through our clients’ exisitng ecosystems.

Every piece of technology we deploy belongs to our clients. We build everything within their infrastructure. We deliver accelerators, not silos.

We are committed to helping our clients’ teams with the adoption process, and we offer on-the-job training, pairing, knowledge transfer sessions, upskilling and more.