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Data Consulting – Technology & Certifications

AI is the new source of business innovation. We are agnostic and certified with all Clouds.

Business-first technology

In an ever-changing market, technology should be an adaptable tool which facilitates change. 


Our engineers build tech-agnostic solutions, combining custom code with open source and proprietary software (backed by strong partnerships with leading tech providers) to create exactly what you need for your data transformation.


We take full advantage of the fast, innovative open source ecosystem to provide adaptable and scalable solutions. We also ensure transparency, security and ease of integration with no lock-in effect. This means that our solutions are owned and operated by our clients.


However,  this open source ecosystem is also something we participate in. We contribute to the projects we use, and, through our Nautilus initiative, make our solutions available to the community.

Artefact is one of only a few organisations to have Certified Partner status for both Google Platforms: Google Marketing Platform (GMP) & Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

We are tech-agnostic, working with all Clouds, hybrid and on-premise client infrastructures

Introducing NAUTILUS, our Open Source platform of AI enablers

NAUTILUS is composed of independent and reusable AI enablersYou can imagine these enablers almost like Lego bricks, with each piece performing a task such as pre-built connectors, libraries and models.


We have packaged these “bricks” to be reused as necessary — so they can be configured and efficiently assembled by our clients. Our solution can be seamlessly integrated into existing legacy systems for fast scalability and also to boost data power.