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People and values

We are united by our values and strengthened by our hybrid expertise.

Our three values, Innovation, Action and Collaboration define who we are.

How we work together, how we grow together, how we deliver for clients together.

We have a passion for creating new things

We live for projects that can impact the future.

We believe innovation can come from anyone, not just engineers.

We reach for the stars, but make the journey one step at a time.

We would rather do than say what to do

We have a problem-solving state of mind.

We act fast. We deliver fast.

We love scalability. It’s our mental playground.

We believe in bringing talented people together

We would rather win as a team than as individual players.

We learn new things from each other every day.

We always speak the truth. It’s the way we’re made.

Our values unite our people in an energising environment

Artefact is above all a people company, united like a family. Being trustworthy, caring team players is essential in order to build rewarding relationships with our employees, clients and partners.


We are very selective in our recruitment process, making sure we hire people who have the specific cultural fit that aligns with our three company values: Innovation, Action and Collaboration.


These soft skills are essential for reaching the business results and level of efficiency that we want to bring to our clients.

Hear from some of our people!